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Shaniqua T

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There were long nights and days, complications with my pregnancy and early labor at 22 weeks. Ari passed away shortly after birth, but the UNC team made it possible for me to make memories with Ari’s sister Aya for 6 months.


During the pandemic, I felt alone without my parents. My dad had passed away seven weeks before my early labor. It was hard grieving and giving birth to two babies who may not survive. But with the help of my babies' father, the UNC team, social workers, my pastor, and many others who made the journey easier, I got through it! Team UNC Rex was a part of my twin daughters' brief lives, and made this journey even more special.


I encourage anyone experiencing this time of loss or is on a journey during their stay in the NICU to be strong. It was not always easy, but every day, find a reason to smile and be thankful. I know this may be hard for many, but I spent 6 months and 15 days going back and forth to be there with our sweet baby Aya.


I thank everyone who made a donation to The Mother's Day Project and made me feel special and celebrated on Mother's Day. It helped. It mattered. And it was more than appreciated.


Some of us are not able to spend this day with our sweet babies, but through the love and joy we spread, we can show kindness and help during this time of crisis for many. May god bless you all, for he loved the little children so much he made a place especially for them on earth and in heaven.


Continue to sleep in peace, Aya and Ari.

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